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Apart from its avante garde title where you could imagine all sorts of scantily clad women jumping around in close proximity to each other, the magazine contained nothing apart from a bad interview with a Maltese woman who decided to pose topless to no great effect.
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That being said, being consistently open to pursuing love also taught me how to discern what I needed in a relationship, which guided me to the person I wanted to marry. Similarly, why did I devote so much energy to relationships that I knew were bad for me?Whether a friend, lover, family member, or close acquaintance, the sooner I moved away from people that brought me down, the more at peace I felt—and wondered what took me so long.Like actually setting a budget and meeting with a financial planner and not buying stuff I don’t need. Maybe I didn’t check numerous exotic countries and cities off my list, but I’m grateful for the places I did visit.

So often, we make a plan of action and then berate ourselves when we don’t reach our objectives at the speed of light.

It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” My dad used to wake me up by turning the lights on, yanking the covers off, and singing loudly—and if I complained, he’d add, “You can sleep when you’re dead.” In other words, he meant that I should take advantage of being awake rather than succumbing to the “I’m tiiiiired” line.

When I look back, I wish I had occasionally lived a little and stayed up all night to watch the sun rise.

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But the time passes and even a true singleton feels that something is missing.